About Us

We are all about three things only… StartUps, StartUps & StartUps!

Well, we wanted to start our introduction with a Bollywood kinda one-liner hence that. Spare the PJ!

But fact of the matter is that all we know and want to do is share the enthusiasm of the budding entrepreneurs. The spark in a StartUp co-founders’ eyes fuel us all the more. And we love watching them grow big and bigger every passing coverage.

What’s in it for us?

We’d love to be known as the PR consultants for Unicorns. In the traditional headline style – ‘The Unicorn Makers’

In God we believe and our dynamism is by far the best available. The package is for sure deliver sooner than later. And we are not waiting that day to arrive but are running to reach that day.

How do we do what we do?

Well that’s a well known secret. Our media relations are excellent, our thought process is beyond this world and our idea machine is only one of its kind with no match seen as yet. The kind of campaigns that we can think of and deliver give us the edge and confidence to call ourselvesĀ the best. Don’t take our word for that. Give us an appointment, switch on our idea machine’s button and witness the wonders yourself.