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PR for StartUps!

We are young, agile, fluid and responsive plug-and-play public relations consultant. Try matching our zeal with the ‘antique’ agencies and you know why they call us ‘disruptors’.


DIY: Kickstart Public Relations for your Startup

From learning how to manage accounts to coding to SEOs, you’ve learnt a lot many things only to make your StartUp LIVE. If you can pick so many streams for the sake of your idea, why not PR? If someone says you need special skill sets for the same and got to have the relevant experience to do it. Feel free to give them a nice bashing with as many adjectives included as you want.

Like you’ve learnt so many things that fall nowhere close to your subjects of education, take a few tips and go ahead, start doing PR for your StartUp on your own.

How to do PR for StartUp? Experience Relevant?

Public Relations is an art and science with lots of history behind. So is the business of business. But is the business of this age anywhere closer to what it used to be for earlier generations. Not at all. Likewise for the PR for StartUps – the business of our age.

There are some basic Dos and Don’ts for the public relations of StartUps. Let’s give you an idea of things to remember while dealing with the PR for StartUps. These are our learnings…