PR for startups!

We are young, agile, fluid and responsive plug-and-play public relations consultant. Try matching our zeal with the 'antique' agencies and you know why they call us 'disruptors'.

Get to Know About Us

We are we. We don't have a competition because we refused to run on the tracks. We make our own path and carry along the brands to heights unimaginable. Shake hands with us, offer a coffee (beer preferred) and let us spill a few ideas. If nothing else, you'll at least get to know how and why we are way ahead of the Dinos of the PR world.

Kickass Services

If you want to stick to the ancient art & science of PR, this is the time when you should stop reading ahead...

On the Mark

We do much better than bank ATMs and PCR. As much a dog kind as dog lover, you can expect us to be listening and reacting 24x7

Get. Set, Go!

We not only listen to our clients at all hours but respond as well. Couch to car is never a botheration for us. Professional hazard with startups.

Result's a Must

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That's the old story. We always go tough and don't take NO for an answer. Success has no alternates.

Steer Right

We know how to drive, drive fast and are acquainted with the shortcuts as well. Doesn't mean we don't understand the value of destination.

Our work speaks thousand words

We are handling some very interesting startups. Here are few of them.

From blog

We keep sharing a few pages from our secret diary. Just that they are nothing more than old tricks for us now.

GreenCheese making NEWS

GreenCheese wins PR mandate for, one of the leading e-distribution channels for bulk buying of mobile phones, tabl

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Startups, Dare NOT do PR!

Internet is full of gyan on how to do PR, especially PR for startups. But then seldom have I come across articles talking of non-PR occasions.

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